The manifesto on censorship written by participants of the 1990 Composer-to-Composer Festival

Participating composers of the 1990 Composer-to-Composer Festival on stage, with Laurie Anderson reading aloud their manifesto on censorship, Telluride, CO.
Portrait of composers sitting outside, working on their manifesto, Telluride, CO, 1990 (cropped image)

Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ The manifesto on censorship, as written and signed by the participating composers of the 1990 Composer-to-Composer Festival, Telluride, CO.

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C. Amirkhanian
1990-07-11 | created
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Composer-to-Composer Festival:1990
A photocopy mounted on foam core of the "Composer-to-Composer Manifesto" signed on July 11, 1990.

The manifesto states:

"As members of the international Telluride Institute Conference, we have been discussing the disastrous effects of repression on artists around the world.

We affirm the obligation of all artists to make the art they believe in, whatever its style, whatever its message.

Therefore, we abhor censorship in all forms. We commit ourselves to achieving massive increases in the level and breadth of support for art in our society and in all societies.

As composers, we are aware that voices can be distorted, even silenced.

In articulating the sensibilities of a battered world, artists require complete freedom."
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