The Nature of Music 06: Annea Lockwood

Event, EV.NOM.2017.11.09

With the advent of the portable cassette player in 1970, a veritable explosion of interest in capturing, incorporating, and deploying the music of nature has transformed the work of living composers–in effect, blurring the boundaries between art and nature. Consequently, Other Minds, in collaboration with the David Brower Center in Berkeley, has launched a series of concert/talks with composers who are redefining The Nature of Music. We were thrilled to have one of the world’s leading figures in this genre, New Zealand-born New Yorker Annea Lockwood, with us to present and discuss her music of the world’s rivers on Thursday, November 9th, 7:00pm, in the Goldman Theater in Berkeley.
Other Minds Special Programs Lockwood, Annea, 1939- (has as performer)
Amirkhanian, Charles (has as interviewer)
Other Minds (Organization) (has as presenter)
David Brower Center (has as presenter) Goldman Theater (David Brower Center)