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Something Else: A Fluxus Semicentenary, was a three day event honoring the past half decade of Fluxus, a loose association of like minded conceptual and performance artists. The series of events, which included a selection of films, a radio broadcast, and a live performance, was sponsored by Other Minds, and held in San Francisco from September 15 - 17, 2011. The last day featured live performances of a selection of iconic Fluxus works by some of its founding and/or more famous artists. The evening began with George Brecht’s “Solo for Contrabass” in which a string bass is polished on stage. This was followed by Yoshi Wada’s “Yoshi’s Sound Store” in which various auditory events were presented for potential sale. After the intermission Dick Higgins’ brief but arresting “Danger Music No. 17” was presented, followed by a rather lengthy work “Fluxus with Tools” in which Alison Knowles and Hannah Higgins examined the connections between art and food while referencing many famous early Fluxus works, and ending with a salad that is shared with the audience. Next were three short works by Yoko Ono, including “Wall Piece for Orchestra,” as well as “Solo for Violin” by George Macuinas. The evening concluded with another piece by Alison Knowles which called for a performer to be dressed in large pieces of paper and cloth. While often considered anti-art by many traditional critics, it has been suggested that what Fluxus artists were truly striving for was an intense examination of the ordinary, or extraordinary events examined in order. Regardless of whether there is any meaning intended by any specific piece the overall effect is one of refreshing humor mixed with occasional flashes of insight.
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Musical Selections
Solo for Contrabass (1962) (8:00) / George Brecht
Adam Fong, performer
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