Other Minds Festivals ➔ Other Minds Festival: OM 1: Panel on Intercultural Affairs (Nov. 6, 1993)

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Lectures and Panel Discussions
Other Minds
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Other Minds Festival
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102 min
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| 1993-11-06 | created
This fascinating panel discussion focusing on world music was held on November 6, 1983 as part of the first Other Minds Festival of New Music (OM 1) at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Moderator Charles Amirkhanian is joined by Julia Wolfe, Jon Jang, Foday Musa Suso, Jai Uttal, and Tom Buckner. The event began with composer Julia Wolfe admitting to a love of Led Zeppelin and her amazement at the speed of African drumming, both of which have influenced her own work. San Francisco-based jazz pianist and composer Jon Jang talks about how both President Nixon’s trip to China and the West African musical influences found in many jazz recordings opened him up to world music. He then plays an excerpt from his Asian-themed composition “The Color of Reality.” Gambian kora master Foday Musa Suso then delights the audience with his experiences as an ambassador of African music and his many collaborations with Western composers. Suso also illustrates the history of the kora and other traditional African instruments with musical examples and engaging folk tales. This is followed by Jai Uttal a talented multi-instrumentalist specializing in world beat music with a particular focus on India. The discussion then concludes with vocalist Tom Buckner who demonstrates the range of his interests by first playing an aria by Robert Ashley and an electronic music composition by the Japanese composer Yasunao Tone, two works that could not be more different.
World music
New music
Musical Selections
ChuLuLu, for tape (0:50) (1992) / Charles Amirkhanian -- The Color of Reality, for suona, tenor saxophone, flute, double bass, percussion, guzheng, and piano [excerpt from “Lily and Vincent Chin” movement] (1993) (2:02) / Jon Jang -- Gatamaiyo (sp?), for nyanyer and tabla [excerpt] (2:11) / Foday Musa Suso -- Gatamaiyo (sp?), for nyanyer and tabla [excerpt] (1:44) / Foday Musa Suso -- [unidentified music], for kora and voice (2:33) / Foday Musa Suso -- [unidentified song], for kora and voice (3:48) -- Raghupati, for trumpet, synthesizer, and voice [excerpt] (4:00) / Jai Uttal -- Odalisque, for instrumental ensemble and voice [excerpt] (4:27) / Robert Ashley -- Jiao Liao Fruits, for electronics [excerpt] (1:47) / Yasunao Tone
Liu Qichao, suona (Color)
David Murray, tenor saxophone (Color)
James Newton, flute (Color)
Jeff Chambers, double bass (Color)
Anthony Brown, percussion (Color)
Zhang Yan, guzheng (Color)
Jon Jang, piano (Color)
Foday Musa Suso, nyanyer ; kora, voice (Gatamaiyo ; unidentified)
Jai Uttal, (Raghupati)
Don Cherry, trumpet (Raghupati)
Lakshmi Shankar, vocals (Raghupati)
Dan Paul Karp, tabla (Raghupati)
Tom Buckner, vocals (Odalisque)
World music
New music
Text-sound compositions
Music -- Gambia
Songs with kora
World beat (Music)
Music -- India
Operas -- Excerpts, Arranged
Electronic music
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