Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Trimpin discusses his (re)building of Conlon Nancarrow’s percussion orchestra

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C Amirkhanian
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26 min
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| 2012-08-17 | created
Charles Amirkhanian visits Trimpin at his studio in Seattle, Washington on August 17, 2012. Trimpin was working on a percussion orchestra, originally an instrument started and abandoned by Conlon Nancarrow. The instrument will be built out of drums and other materials that were stored for many years at Conlon Nancarrow’s home in Mexico. Trimpin gives some background on the work; Nancarrow’s original idea and reasons why it failed and how he came to revive the idea. Trimpin also shows some of the various pieces and their functions in the percussion orchestra, as well as original preparations for Nancarrow’s Study no. 30. Trimpin also explains and shares sketches for his then upcoming installation at the Berkeley Art Museum.
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