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C Amirkhanian
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Composer-to-Composer Festival
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1990-07-14 | created
Continuation of the opening session on July 14th, 1990 during the Composer to Composer festival in Telluride, CO. Hugh Davies is in the middle of discussing the work of Charles Amirkhanian, and plays an excerpt from Amirkhanian’s piece, Walking Tune. After several announcements, a Q&A session is opened to the audience.

The first question was whether anyone had composed music specifically for children, and worked with technology for teaching children. Pauline Oliveros answers to children’s inventiveness and how they should be encouraged and how access to sophisticated technology can help them. Laurie Anderson shared her experience working with children producing radio ads for emotions.

The next question came from an audience member interested in site specific work, particularly one involving a cistern in Washington where Oliveros recorded a Deep Listening project. Oliveros recounts the experience in obtaining access to the cistern through band mate Stewart Dempster’s efforts, and the feeling of playing in such an environment, relating similar projects that took place in a cistern in Cologne, Germany and in a cave in Rosendale, New York.

Following the subject of children was the subject of censorship and concern about trends in pop culture that openly support homophobia and racist tendencies. How can artists defend the right to create content that may be offensive? Amirkhanian answers for the group by replying that “mobilization of public opinion is the most forceful way to combat racist and homophobic and other objectionable bigotry in the arts and in any medium.”

The next request from the audience asked for opinions on the state of music composition curriculums in academia, to which Roger Reynolds, Geri Allen, Robert Morris, and Leo Smith give their insights. I Wayan Sadra then shared his experience as a teacher of new music in Indonesia.

John Lifton returns to the earlier question about working with children and Pauline Oliveros stresses again the importance of supporting children as artists, and how that support should be carried on through life.

The session concludes with announcements about the upcoming concerts and information on nearby restaurants.
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