Meredith Monk singing while Katie Geissinger stands by during the third concert of OM 21, San Francisco CA (2016)
Meredith Monk singing with Katie Geissinger during the third concert of OM 21, San Francisco CA (2016)

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Other Minds’ 21st Festival of New Music took place at San Francisco’s SFJAZZ Center over the course of two evenings and one afternoon during March 4-6, 2016. The three concerts featured works of ten American and international composers; Lasse Thoresen (NO), Cecilie Ore (NO), Oliver Lake (US), Larry Polansky (US), John Oswald (CA), Nicole Lizée (CA), Phil Kline (US), Michael Gordon (US), and two OM alumini, Gavin Bryars (UK), and Meredith Monk (US).

The third and final concert was dedicated entirely to the work of Meredith Monk (OM 1) and featured memorable performances by Monk herself and her vocal ensemble with Katie Geissinger, Allison Sniffin and Bohdan Hilash.

Concert 3: Sunday, March 6, 2016
The Soul’s Messenger: Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble

I. Music for Unaccompanied Voice
Composed and performed by Meredith Monk

Selections from Juice (1969), Songs from the Hill (1977), and Light Songs (1988)

II. Music for Voice and Piano
Composed and performed by Meredith Monk

Gotham Lullaby (1975), Travelling (1973), and Madwoman’s Vision (1988)

III. Music for Voice, Keyboard and Woodwinds
Composed by Meredith Monk

Choosing Companions, from ATLAS: an opera in three parts (1991)
Meredith Monk, Katie Geissinger, and Allison Sniffin

Hips Dance, from Volcano Songs: Duets (1993)
Meredith Monk and Katie Geissinger

Hocket, from Facing North (1990)
Meredith Monk and Katie Geissinger


Prayer I, from The Politics Of Quiet (1996)
Allison Sniffin

Scared Song (1986)
Meredith Monk and Allison Sniffin

epilogue and woman at the door, from mercy (2001)
Katie Geissinger, Meredith Monk, Allison Sniffin, and Bohdan Hilash

clusters 3, from Songs of Ascension (2008)
Bohdan Hilash

Panda Chant I and Memory Song, from The Games (1984)

masks, from mercy (2001)

between song, from impermanence (2004/2006)
Katie Geissinger, Bohdan Hilash, Meredith Monk and Allison Sniffin

* Bonus
the tale, from Education of the Girl Child

[Notes taken from printed program]
New music
Musical Selections
Choosing Companions [from ATLAS] (1991) (7:13) / Meredith Monk
Meredith Monk, voice
Katie Geissinger, voice
Allison Sniffin, piano and voice
Vocal music
Piano music--20th century
Vocal ensembles