Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Composer-to-Composer Festival: Day 2 Discussions, Peter Sculthorpe and Virko Baley (August 17, 1988), 2 of 4

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Lectures and Panel Discussions
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Composer-to-Composer Festival
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418 min
2 of 4
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| 1988-08-17 | created
A recording of the second morning session of private composer presentations during the 1988 Composer to Composer festival in Telluride, Colorado. August 17, 1988, with Peter Sculthorpe and Virko Baley.

Peter Sculthorpe begins by talking about his upbringing and exposure to music in Australia and his early studies and development. Sculthorpe introduces a work for voice, 6 cellos, and percussion (Song of Tailitnama). Sculthorpe notes the recording features Sarah Hopkins as one of the cellists and was conducted by her father, John Hopkins.

The next piece played is “Kakadu”, and Sculthorpe notes it was the first performance of the piece which was recorded in Aspen. Afterwards the group comments on the piece and other related topics are discussed before Sculthorpe plays a few more examples of his music taken from a film soundtrack.

After a brief break, Virko Baley begins his presentation. First Baley talks about the 2 pieces he would like to share with the group. He briefly goes over his compositional training before playing an excerpt from “Nocturnal No. 5”, for solo piano. He quickly moves on to discussing the next piece, “Concerto No. 1” for violin and orchestra, which was written in the idea of a requiem and whose movements (Lacrymosa, Dies irae, Lux aeterna, Agon) are based on elements of the Roman Catholic mass . Baley breaks down the movements as well as the orchestration before playing the recording.

Baley’s session continues with some questions and answers on the next tape (part 2).

[Note: Audio distortion during recorded musical examples.]
20th century classical
Musical Selections
The Song of Tailitnama (1974) (10:23) -- Kakadu (1988) (15:35) -- (unidentified excerpts from film soundtrack) / Peter Sculthorpe -- Nocturnal No. 5 [excerpt] (1980) (10:30) -- Concerto No. 1 (quasi una fantasia for violin and orchestra) (1987) (24:45) / Virko Baley
John Hopkins, conductor (Tailitnama)
Aspen Festival Orchestra (Kakadu)
Jorge Mester, conductor (Kakadu)
Laura Spitzer, piano (Nocturnal No. 5)
Songs (High voice) with instrumental ensemble
Orchestral music
Piano music
Concertos (Violin with chamber orchestra)
Digitized with support from the National Recording Preservation Foundation, The Copland Fund, and the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.