Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Composer-to-Composer Festival: Concert 1 (August 19, 1988)

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Event Type
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Composer-to-Composer Festival
Program Length
85 min
| broadcast
| 1988-08-19 | created
The first concert of the 1988 Composer to Composer Festival, held in Telluride, Colorado on August 19, 1988. 8:00pm.

The performance begins with Sarah Hopkins performing an untitled fanfare for one of her Whirly instruments. After her performance John Lifton and Charles Amirkhanian introduce the concept of the festival and the participating composers to the audience.

Concert Program:

Lepo Sumera:
Pardon, Fryderyk!
Piece for Piano (1981)
Symphony No. 1, mov. 1 (Pre-recorded)

Lepo Sumera, piano and tape

Paul DeMarinis:
Three songs: Mind Power, Song of the Suburban Salesman, I Want You

Paul DeMarinis, computer arrangement


Denys Bouliane:

The Monkey’s Song (1988, written for and premiered at the Composer to Composer Festival)

Ingrid Schmithüsen, voice

John Lifton:
Excerpt from Neptune Comes to Hopi

Charles Amirkhanian, voice; John Lifton, voice and electronics

[Note: Some audio distortion and dropouts, especially during DeMarinis’ “Song of the Suburban Salesman”.]
New music
20th century classical
Musical Selections
Pardon, Fryderyk! [from Two Pieces from the Year 1981] (1981) (7:30) -- Piano Piece from the Year 1981 [from Two Pieces from the Year 1981] (1981) (2:30) -- Symphony No. 1 [1st movement] (1981) (3:30) / Lepo Sumera -- Mind Power (1988) (3:45) -- Song of the Suburban Salesman (4:35) -- I Want You (1988) (3:05) / Paul DeMarinis -- The Monkey’s Song (1988) (13:05) / Denys Bouliane -- Neptune Comes to Hopi [excerpt] (1987) (15:02) / John Lifton
Lepo Sumera, piano and tape (Pardon, Fryderyk!, Piece for Piano)
Paul DeMarinis, computer arrangement (Three Songs)
Ingrid Schmithüsen, voice (The Monkey’s Voice)
Charles Amirkhanian, voice (Neptune...)
John Lifton, baritone and electronics (Neptune...)
Composers -- 20th century
Piano music
Orchestral music
Computer music
Sampling (Sound)
Vocalises, Unaccompanied
Mixed media (Music)
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