Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Composer-to-Composer Festival: Public Panels: World Influences on Orchestral Music (August 20, 1988), 1 of 3

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Event Type
Lectures and Panel Discussions
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Composer-to-Composer Festival
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270 min
1 of 3
| broadcast
| 1988-08-20 | created
The first public panel discussion during the 1988 Composer to Composer Festival, on August 20, 1988 in Telluride Colorado. The panelists include Virko Baley, Peter Sculthorpe, Denys Bouliane, Lou Harrison, Kyle Gann, and Vincent Plush. Moderated by Charles Amirkhanian. The panel discusses non-European influences on orchestral music.

Lou Harrison begins by discussing the three regions and traditions of orchestral music in the world and how he believes that they are essentially interchangeable. He then plays his “Making Things Well Again” songs, written after his move west from New York. He discusses the work and presents his “Piano Concerto” which was premiered in 1986 and takes questions from the audience.

Vincent Plush joins in by saying that as an Australian composer that he feels very globalist ties as they are not a part of the “west” in the same way that the United States or Western Europe are. He then talks about his travels and musical influences and then plays movements from his work “Pacifica”.

Denys Bouliane then talks about the evolving tradition of orchestral music in Europe and his move to Europe from Canada. He plays his work “The Laughing Cactus and the Maiden that Suffered from an Unquenchable Thirst” (Le Cactus Rieur Et La Demoiselle Qui Souffrait D’une Soif Insatiable). He then takes questions from the audience.

Peter Sculthorpe begins by commenting on the history of Australian classical music and the Australian identity. He moves on to talk about how his musical language is effected by the landscape and identity of his homeland. He then plays a movement from his work “Mangroves” and discusses the work. He then plays the opening to “Kakadu” which had been premiered earlier that year in Aspen, Colorado.

The panel continues on the next recording (part 2).
Orchestral music
Musical Selections
Making Things Well Again [excerpt] (1954) (1:30) -- Piano Concerto [excerpt] (1985) (2:05) / Lou Harrison -- Terremotto [from Pacifica] (1986) (4:18) - Danza [from Pacifica] (1986) (2:15) / Vincent Plush -- Le Cactus Rieur Et La Demoiselle Qui Souffrait D’une Soif Insatiable [excerpt] (1986) (9:20) / Denys Bouliane -- Mangrove [excerpt] (1979) (4:05) -- Kakadu [excerpt] (1988) (1:30) / Peter Sculthorpe
Louisville Orchestra (Making Things Well)
Keith Jarrett, piano (Piano Concerto)
New Japan Philharmonic (Piano Concerto)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra (Pacifica)
Aspen Festival Orchestra (Kakadu)
Jorge Mester, conductor (Kakadu)
Orchestral music--20th century
Concertos (Piano)
Music -- Australia
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