Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Composer-to-Composer Festival: Public Panels: World Influences on Orchestral Music and Music Criticism (August 20, 1988), 2 of 3

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Event Type
Lectures and Panel Discussions
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Composer-to-Composer Festival
Program Length
270 min
2 of 3
| broadcast
| 1988-08-20 | created
The second set of public panel discussions during the 1988 Composer to Composer Festival, on August 20, 1988 in Telluride Colorado. This is a continuation of the panel about world influence on orchestral music, which is followed by the panel on music criticism.

The recording begins with Charles Amirkhanian introducing Virko Baley who begins by commenting on the role of the orchestra in regards to modern American composers.

Baley moves on to talk about early experiences he had that informed his current viewpoints on politics and music. He plays two excerpts from his violin concerto and talks about the musical symbolism within the piece.

Baley takes questions from the audience and discusses the issues with modern orchestral funding.

Kyle Gann then presents his work that deals with Native American fusion music. He plays excerpts from Mountain Spirit which is based off Apache melodies.

After a short gap in the recording, Gann continues before composers are prompted to list women composers who have gone outside the European ethnic in writing orchestral music.

The morning panel ends and the panel on Music Criticism begins. Panelists include: Margaret Barela, Lou Harrison, Kyle Gann, and James Weirzbicki.

The composers and critics discuss the issue of whether composers should be critics or whether the role is better or more poorly suited for people who are purely critics.

Lou Harrison talks about the policies of Virgil Thomson and the New York Herald Tribune and how the composer-critic would review one another.

The critics then each give personal accounts of the responses they’ve received from audiences and artists to their reviews. They also talk about the evolution of music criticism throughout the 20th century and the “responsibilities” of the critic. They also discuss how they choose which concerts to attend, the dominant thoughts in criticism and how it effects the visibility of particular artists.

The panel continues on the next recording (part 3).
Orchestral music
Musical Selections
Concerto No. 1 (quasi una fantasia for violin and orchestra) (1987) [excerpt 1] (4:05) -- [excerpt 2] (4:00) / Virko Baley -- Mountain Spirit [excerpt] (1982-83) (4:25) / Kyle Gann
Orchestral music--20th century
Concertos (Violin with instrumental ensemble)
Septets (Electronic organ, piano, flutes (2), trombone, drums (2))
Music critics
Music--Criticism and interpretation
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