Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Composer-to-Composer Festival: Concert 2, Pt. 1 (August 18, 2020), 1 of 2

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Event Type
Interview and Music
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Composer-to-Composer Festival
Program Length
190 min
1 of 2
| broadcast
| 1988-08-20 | created
A recording of the second concert of the 1988 Composer to Composer Festival. Recorded live August 20, 1988, 8pm in Telluride, Colorado.

The first half begins with Sarah Hopkins performing two of her works for cello, Cello Chi for voice and electronics, and New Journey for cello, electronics, whirly, and voice.

After Hopkins’ performances, Charles Amirkhanian and Brian Eno talk about Eno’s then new record label, Opal Records, and play excerpts from the catalogue. Also in this interview Eno talks about Soviet rock music, his recent projects, his philosophy on lyrics in music, world music’s influence on him, and his recording techniques. He then takes questions from the audience.

After the intermission announcement, we hear Pas de Voix (Portrait of Samuel Beckett) by Charles Amirkhanian followed by Stephen Scott’s introduction of the collaborative work for 13-limit just intonation for bowed piano.

Concert Program:

Sarah Hopkins

Cello Chi
Sarah Hopkins, cello and voice

New Journey (replacing Ring)
Sarah Hopkins, cello, voice, whirly, and electronics

Brian Eno and Charles Amirkhanian In Conversation


Charles Amirkhanian

Pas De Voix (without voice) for Samuel Beckett
Charles Amirkhanian, tape

Terry Riley and Stephen Scott

Work for Bowed Piano Ensemble [Movement 1]

Terry Riley, Stephen Scott, and the Bowed Piano Ensemble (Ann Riley, Jason Rainier, Vincent Plush, Sarah Hopkins, Kyle Gann, and Charles Amirkhanian)
New music
Electro-Acoustic / Electronic
Musical Selections
Cello Chi (1987) (13:25) / Sarah Hopkins -- New Journey (1987) (6:10) / Sarah Hopkins and Alan Lamb -- [unidentified piece for harmonic whirlies] (2:35) / Sarah Hopkins -- I Will Not Be Sad In This World (1983) (5:20) / Djivan Gasparyan -- Tension Block (1988) (1:45) / Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois -- Pas de Voix (Portrait of Samuel Beckett) (1987) (14:40) / Charles Amirkhanian -- Work for Bowed Piano Ensemble [1st movement] (1988) (9:20) / Terry Riley and Stephen Scott
Sarah Hopkins, cello and voice (Cello Chi) ; cello, voice, whirly and electronics (New Journey) ; bowed piano (Work for Bowed Piano)
Djivan Gasparyan, duduk (I Will Not Be Sad...)
Brian Eno, (Tension Block)
Daniel Lanois, (Tension Block)
Charles Amirkhanian, tape (Pas de Voix) ; bowed piano (Bowed Piano Ensemble)
Ann Riley, bowed piano (Work for Bowed Piano)
Jason Rainier, bowed piano (Work for Bowed Piano)
Vincent Plush, bowed piano (Work for Bowed Piano)
Kyle Gann, bowed piano (Work for Bowed Piano)
Cello and electronic music
Cello solos
Duduk music
Ambient music
Rock music
Tape music
Musique concrète
Bowed Piano Ensemble
Digitized with support from the National Recording Preservation Foundation, The Copland Fund, and the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.