Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Composer-to-Composer Festival: Public Panels: Music Mouse Demo (August 21, 1988), 3 of 3

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Event Type
Lectures and Panel Discussions
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Composer-to-Composer Festival
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153 min
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| broadcast
| 1988-08-21 | created
A recording of the public demonstration of Laurie Spiegel’s Music Mouse, a program for hierarchical algorithmic composition. Sunday, August 21, 1988 during the Composer to Composer Festival in Telluride, Colorado.

The lecture begins with a performance of Spiegel’s “A Musical Offering”. Throughout her presentation, Spiegel demonstrates the capabilities of the software, takes questions from the audience, and touches on the philosophy behind algorithmic composition.

Spiegel also talks about how MIDI and Music Mouse could be equalizers in music since it allows those who are not educated in music to compose. She also touches on how she reconciles the computer and human elements of her works, and how her personal aesthetics play into the design of her software.

She ends the lecture with a multi-timbral demonstration of Music Mouse linked to a Kurzweil sampler.
Electro-Acoustic / Electronic
Musical Selections
A Musical Offering [excerpt] (1988) (2:40) / Laurie Spiegel
Computer music
Electronic music
Music software
Music Mouse
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