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Morning Concert
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1992-09-04 | broadcast
| 1992-09-04 | created
From September 4, 1992, Charles Amirkhanian introduces a retrospective on the life of composer John Cage, whose work has had a great influence on artistic thought in the 20th Century, and who had just passed away a few weeks before what would have been his 80th birthday on September 5th 1992. Richard Friedman, and composer, author, and critic Charles Shere join in the commentary, and archival recordings of Cage’s voice complete the festivities. Also heard during this program are live telephone interviews with Laura Kuhn, who had assisted Cage with many of his affairs from 1986 until his death; Remy Charlip, author, choreographer, dancer, and close personal friend of Cage and Lou Harrison; and composer Christian Wolff, who as a 16 year old in 1950 studied with Cage and later became a good friend. The contrast between the reminisces of Cage by people who knew him at different times of his, and their, lives, and with varying degrees of intimacy, provides a fascinating and multivalent look at this complex personality. Yet through it all shines the generosity of spirit and engaging sense of humor for which John Cage is almost universally known.
New music
Musical Selections
Concert, for piano and orchestra (1957-58) [excerpt, talked over] / John Cage -- Suite, for toy piano [excerpt] (1948) (1:18) / John Cage -- Suite, for toy piano (1948, orch. 1963) (8:30) / John Cage [orchestrated by Lou Harrison] -- Europera 5 [excerpt] (1991) (2:12) / John Cage -- Rozart Mix [excerpt] (1965) (1:48) / John Cage -- [a reading from the book “Silence”] (5:10) / John Cage -- [a reading from “An Alphabet”] (1:41) / John Cage
Jeanne Kirstein, toy piano (Suite, solo ver.)
Cabrillo Festival Orchestra (Suite, orch. ver.)
Marin Alsop, conductor (Suite, orch. ver.)
Jane Leibel, soprano (Europera)
Darryl Edwards, tenor (Europera)
John Cage, reader (Silence)
Charles Shere, reader (Alphabet)
New music
Suites (Toy piano)
Suites (Orchestra)
Operas -- Excerpts
Aleatory music
Electronic music
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