KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Morning Concert: Piano: No Hands, 2 of 2

Analog Audio

Event Type
Interview and Music
Program Series
Morning Concert
Program Length
119 min
2 of 2
1992-09-22 | broadcast
| 1992-09-22 | created
In a recording made in 1992, Charles Amirkhanian hosts a program featuring music played on the Disklavier, a sort of modern player piano. It is a devise that can be attached to a grand piano so as to enable it to record, playback, and even manipulate music played on its keys. In the first half of the program, Charles is joined in the studio by Gary Noland, who has composed a number of pieces for the Disklavier. In the second half of the program, Charles conducts an impromptu interview with Richard Dunn of the BBC in which they discuss the BBC's World Service and the implications of digital radio broadcasting.
Mechanical music
20th century classical
Musical Selections
Sonata No. 4, for piano (ca. 1924) / Leo Ornstein -- Mayn Yingele (1988) / Frederic Rzewski -- The Last Turkey in the Straw / Robert Willey -- Kensington Suite [excerpt] / Barbara Becker
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