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Treasury of the 78's
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73 mins
1962-07-27 | broadcast
| 1962-07-27 | created
From a program first broadcast on July 27, 1962, John Whiting presents some early 78 rpm recordings of English choir music from the 16th and 17th centuries. Works by Henry Purcell, William Croft, Thomas Tallis, William Byrd, Thomas Morley, Thomas Weelkes, Orlando Gibbons, & John Blow are performed by the choirs of New College in Oxford, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, and King’s College. Most of these works feature arrangements by Edmund Horace Fellowes. Although these are early recordings and are at times a little scratchy, the music is of high enough quality to make all such distractions inconsequential to anyone interested in the best of early English Church Music. The added commentary by Whiting provides historical context on each composer, making the entire listening experience as informative as it is enjoyable.
Classical music
Musical Selections
Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences (2:57) / Henry Purcell -- Burial Sentences (4:00) / William Croft -- O Nata Lux de Lumine (4:14) / Thomas Tallis -- Salvator Mundi (4:03) / Thomas Tallis -- In Jejunio et Fletu (4:15) / Thomas Tallis -- Te Deum (3:44) / Thomas Tallis -- Nunc Dimittis (4:38) / William Byrd -- O God Whom Our Offences Have Displeased (4:08) / William Byrd -- Laudibus in Sanctis (6:15) / William Byrd -- Ave Verum Corpus (4:29) / William Byrd -- Out of the Deep [setting of the 130rd Psalm] (4:25) / Thomas Morley -- Let Thy Merciful Ears (1:22) / Thomas Weelkes -- O Lord Arise Into Thy Resting Place (3:44) / Thomas Weelkes [attributed to Weelkes in some sources but may be by Thomas Mudd] -- Hosanna to the Son of David (2:50) / Orlando Gibbons -- O Lord in Thy Wrath Rebuke Me Not (3:05) / Orlando Gibbons -- Salvator Mundi (3:57) / John Blow
Choir of New College, Oxford (Remember ; Burial ; Nunc ; O God ; Laudibus ; Out ; Salvator [by Blow])
H. K. Andrews, director (Remember ; Burial ; Nunc ; O God ; Laudibus ; Salvator [by Blow])
St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir (Nata)
Dr. John Dykes Bower, director (Nata)
Canterbury Cathedral Choir (In Jejunio)
Gerald Knight, director (In Jejunio)
King’s College Choir (Te Deum ; Ave ; Let ; O Lord Arise ; Hosanna)
Boris Ord, conductor (Ave)
David Galliver, solo tenor (Out)
Sacred vocal music -- England -- 16th century
Sacred vocal music -- England -- 17th century
Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices), Unaccompanied
Funeral music
Nunc dimittis (Music)
Psalms (Music) -- 130th Psalm