KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ New Music America: New Sounds USA, Program No. 5, 1983

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Program Series
New Music America
Program Length
60 min
1983-11-12 | broadcast
| 1983-10-15 | created
Hosts Alan Rich and Nancy Shear present highlights from the 1983 New Music America Festival, held in Washington D.C., as well as a couple of other recordings of works by composers featured at NMA. The program begins with a performance of Steve Reich’s “Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ,” recorded on May 8, 1982, as part of the 4th Annual New Sounds San Jose Festival. The performers for this piece, which is scored for voice, percussion, and electric organ, included Steve Reich and an assortment of San Jose State University students. Rich and Shear then take us live to NMA ‘83 for an excerpt of a performance by graffiti and rap music artists Ramm-ell-zee and Toxic. The program then concludes with another work of repetitive, or minimal, music that also incorporates voice with instrumental ensemble, John Adams’ “Grand Pianola Music.” Like the Reich piece with which it shares some notable similarities this work was recorded prior to NMA ‘83 and is performed by the CalArts Contemporary Music Ensemble, under the direction of Stephen Mosko. NMA ‘83 differed slightly from the earlier incarnations of this Festival in that it included genres of music not typically heard at a festival of classical contemporary music, including traditional folk and world music, as well as popular and hip hop, a change in programming that is discussed by Rich and Shear as well as by one of their guests, Bob Wisdom.
New music
Musical Selections
Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ (1973) (13:12) / Steve Reich -- [unidentified hip hop music] (3:41) / Ramm-ell-zee & Toxic -- Grand Pianola Music (1981-82) (32:20) / John Adams
Steve Reich (Music)
Mark Bollar (Music)
Dan Kelly (Music)
Steve Roberston (Music)
Tom Wieske (Music)
Liz Crawford (Music)
Linda Kessel (Music)
Gloria Roniza (Music)
Lisa Winberg (Music)
Chris Jacobs (Music)
Rick Reichardt (Music)
Tammy Warshawsky (Music)
CalArts Contemporary Music Ensemble (Pianola)
Stephen Mosko, director (Pianola)
New music
Minimal music
Vocal trios with instrumental ensemble
Choruses (Women's voices) with instrumental ensemble