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Interview and Music
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Information Transmission, Modulation and Noise
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69 min
1970-03-02 | broadcast
| 1970-03-02 | created
In a program recorded on March 2, 1970, host Richard Friedman is joined by poet and guitarist David Meltzer. Interspersed with a selection of original folk songs performed by David and Tina Meltzer, (that were unreleased at that time but are now available on the album “Green Morning”), are a number of poems and excerpts from poems written and read by David Meltzer. One of the original San Francisco Beat Generation poets, Meltzer’s works range from the erotic to the religious, with his interest in the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism often informing his lyrical poetry. Quintessentially Californian these poems and songs are evocative of the mix of innocence and worldly curiosity that was a hallmark of the West Coast during the 1960s.
Folk music
Musical Selections
Let The Door Stay Open (ca. 1970) (3:30) / Tina & David Meltzer -- For Raymond Chandler [a poem] (1:42) / David Meltzer -- [a poem from “Yehudal, The Small Songs of Yehudi” (sp?) in the book “Yesod”] (2:24) / David Meltzer -- From Eden Book [excerpt of a poem] (2:40) / David Meltzer -- Sarah (ca. 1970) (1:39) / David Meltzer -- Keep On Lovin’ (ca. 1970) (3:14) / Tina & David Meltzer -- The Garden (ca. 1970) (4:33) / David Meltzer -- [excerpt from an unidentified poem about light in Southern California] (2:23) / David Meltzer -- [excerpt of a poem from the book “Letters & Numbers”] (0:55) / David Meltzer -- [excerpt of a poem from the book “Letters & Numbers”] (2:00) / David Meltzer -- The Ordering [excerpt of a poem] (2:39) / David Meltzer -- [excerpt from unidentified poem] (1:02) / David Meltzer -- [excerpt from unidentified poem] (0:21) / David Meltzer -- “Tell Them I Am Struggling to Sing with Angels” [a poem](1:50) / David Meltzer -- Child Ballad (ca. 1970) (4:00) / Tina & David Meltzer -- Luna Tune No. 2 (ca. 1970) (0:57) / David Meltzer -- The Angel (ca. 1970) (2:42) / Tina & David Meltzer -- Let The Light In (ca. 1970) (1:43) / Tina & David Meltzer -- Do You Think Your God (ca. 1970) (5:08) / Tina & David Meltzer -
David Meltzer, voice, guitar
Tina Meltzer, vocals
Folk-rock music
Monologues with music (Guitar)
Poetry -- Readings with music
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