KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ On the Phone with Sylvia & John White, May 1980

Analog Audio

Event Type
Other Finds
Program Length
8 min
| broadcast
| 1980-05-23 | created
It is uncertain as to whether this recording from May 1980 represents a simple archive of telephone voice messages and fragments of a telephone conversation, or was actually intended as some sort of taped performance art piece. The brief program begins with bits of recorded messages, presumably from Charles Amirkhanian’s and Carol Law’s home phone, one of which is repeated a number of times. Following this rather surreal collection of messages is a more coherent conversation between Los Angeles based performance artist John White with his wife Sylvia and Charles Amirkhanian, in which the three discuss the couple’s visit to the Bay Area, their attempts to meet up with Charles, a brief report on their recording session at the Arch Street studio, and their attendance at a high school reunion.
Performance Art
Field recordings
Performance art
Conceptual art
Field recordings
Related place
Berkeley (Calif.) (was recorded at)
Related Entities
Amirkhanian, Charles
White, John M., artist
White, Sylvia