KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Ode To Gravity: Text-sound poetry by Charles Amirkhanian, Anthony Gnazzo, & Clark Coolidge, 1 of 2

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Spoken Word
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Ode To Gravity
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121 min
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1982-01-25 | broadcast
| 1982-01-25 | created
A program of text-sound and poetry works by Anthony Gnazzo, Clark Coolidge, and Charles Amirkhanian. Gnazzo is interviewed by Charles about his career and the techniques he uses to create his compositions. Gnazzo, a pioneer in the field of electronic music who now lives in relative obscurity in Oakland, composes entirely on tape, and yet does not even have a tape or record player in his house. His rigorous training in music at Brandeis University under the tutelage of Arthur Berger, amply prepared him for his work as design consultant and equipment technician in the electronics laboratory at California State University at Hayward, where he spent a good deal of his time recording senior recitals and soldering connectors on broken headphones. Gnazzo, like most American composers, is laboring under the delusion that someday he will be discovered, and his painstaking labor invested in over 100 compositions of electronic music, sound poetry, concrete poetry and experimental theater will be rewarded with fame and accolades. This never will come to pass, of course, and since he insists on living here on the West Coast, his music is seldom or never played in public. There is also a poetry reading by Clark Coolidge, which is introduced by Allen Ginsberg
Sound poetry
Musical Selections
[unknown piece that incorporates classic jazz tunes “Broadway Rose” & “The Love Nest”] / Anthony Gnazzo -- The Putts (1981) / Charles Amirkhanian -- Did I Wake You? / Anthony Gnazzo -- Dot Bunch (1981) / Charles Amirkhanian -- Phone Call 24 May 80 / Gnazzo & Amirkhanian -- History of Collage (1981) / Charles Amirkhanian -- Art of Canning Music (1976) / Anthony Gnazzo
Text-sound compositions
Sound poetry
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Berkeley (Calif.) (was recorded at)
Berkeley (Calif.) (was broadcast at)
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