KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Ode To Gravity: An Interview with Tom Johnson

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Ode To Gravity
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19 min
1988-04-18 | broadcast
| 1987-06-12 | created
Composer Tom Johnson, no longer lives in New York, no longer writes provocative criticism for the “Village Voice,” and has found a new and receptive home for his work and ideas as a composer in Paris. In this informal discussion, recorded at the composer’s home on June 12, 1987, Tom talks with Charles Amirkhanian about his new life, plays an excerpt from a new work for piano, and discusses his retreat from the New York music scene. Johnson comments on how recent avant-garde music composer’s interest in a more popular aesthetic during the 1980s has eroded support for small, less theatrically ambitious new music composers in the United States. The situation, according to Johnson, is quite different in Europe, where his minimalist inspired compositions remain highly regarded, and his operas are regularly performed. This program concludes with Johnson providing an example of one of his piano pieces in which all possible combinations of notes within a certain range are systematically examined.
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