KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ KPFA’s 40th Anniversary Show, Part 2: Erik Bauersfeld and a Dramatic Quarter Century, 2 of 2

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1989-04-15 | broadcast
| 1989-04-15 | created
The all day festivities celebrating KPFA’s 40th anniversary continues with a brief excerpt form the 10th anniversary program in which long time KPFA Public Affairs Director Elsa Knight Thompson ruminates on the groundbreaking political programing that was then, and is still today, a hallmark of the Pacifica stations. However the majority of this second segment of the 40th Anniversary Show is devoted to an interview with KPFA’s “Hero of the Hörspiel,” long time Drama and Literature Department Director, Erik Bauersfeld, whose productions of radio drama were legendary among KPFA listeners, and who is known to moviegoers worldwide for his roles as Admiral Akbar and Bib Fortuna in George Lucas’ Star Wars films. Bauersfeld, who become co-director of the Drama & Literature Department in 1963, and continued to lead the Department for most of the next 25 years, plays a number of excerpts from his past dramatic productions while discussing the different aspects of making such works, be it recording ambient sounds, working with talented stage actors, or the constant pressure of finding financial support for what was in many ways an unpaid hobby. Included in this program is also a short tribute to the late Byron Bryant, whose readings constituted an unusual and original contribution to the KPFA broadcast schedule and an excerpt from a review of the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” by Pauline Kael.
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