KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ KPFA’s 40th Anniversary Show, Part 3: KPFA Miscellany

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Interview and Music
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57 min
1989-04-15 | broadcast
| 1989-04-15 | created
In another segment from KPFA’s all day broadcast celebrating its 40th anniversary, Charles Amirkhanian introduces a program of unusual “airchecks” (recordings made during a live broadcast), saved by KPFA producers during strategic moments. You will thrill to the sounds of Bill Schechner, who later went on to a career with NBC News, reading headlines from the wire services on April 1, 1978, complete with impertinent asides; Kris Welch in a confrontational interview with Wayne Dyer, author of “Your Erroneous Zones” on July 29, 1976; Shafi Hakim playing music on Thanksgiving Day, 1977; the inaugural program of Sue Donati’s sex show, “Not Tonight I Have a Headache” on December 2, 1977; San Francisco artist Doug Kahn’s radio collage, “The Alienatisch”, starring Bill Sokol; an excerpt from the 1984 “Vox Pop Verite” program, and many more fascinating highlights from 40 years of alternative, listener-sponsored radio.
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Folk music
Musical Selections
I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night (2:34) / Joan Baez -- [unidentified guitar and sitar music] (2:44) -- [unidentified Brazilian folk music] (4:30)
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Self-actualization (Psychology)
Folk songs
Vox pop radio programs
Guitar and sitar music
Folk music -- Brazil
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