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1989-04-15 | broadcast
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The special all day broadcast celebrating the 40th anniversary of KPFA concludes with a three hour listener call-in segment, hosted by Charles Amirkhanian, who is joined by KPFA General Manager, Pat Scoot, and Pacifica Foundation Executive Director, David Salniker, and others. Caller comments range from glowing reviews of the station’s programing to sharp criticisms of the same. As always with KPFA, the listening audience is well informed and not at all shy about letting the station know what they think, be it cheering or complaining about all the weird music they hear, advocating for more children oriented programing, debating Pacifica’s editorial stances or perceived biases, or simply wishing the station a hearty Happy Birthday. Many of the comments are perennial staples at KPFA or indeed any listener sponsored radio station they are always seeking the right balance between news and music, left and right, or loud and soft. Thus despite being recorded in 1989 the comments made and arguments heard are still relevant today and definitely worth listening to.
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