KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Radio Event: No. 1: Radio Caress

Analog Audio

Event Type
Intermedia and Visual Arts
Program Series
Radio Event
Program Length
29 min
1969-09-30 | broadcast
| 1969-09-30 | created
This is the first in a series of programs produced by KPFA's Music Department in which artists from various disciplines were asked to take any amount of air time and get the audience to respond actively to the audio broadcast, rather than simply being passive listeners. While the program can be enjoyed as an auditory soundscape the primary purpose was to produce "event art" or "happenings", with the listeners as full participants. In this first such program of its type, intended as an art experience, intermedia artist and KPFA Music Director, Charles Amirkhanian presents the listeners with an assortment of instructions for physical and mental activities tied to a variety of sounds produced in the radio studio. Suggested activities range from making faces or moving one’s head, imagining the forms of letters, doodling on cereal boxes, to making sounds to correspond with certain words. This is a full body radio experience suitable for all ages.
Interactive Art
Musical Selections
[a montage of electronic music and ambient sounds interspersed with instructions for suggested activities]
Interactive art
Participatory art
Audience participation radio programs
Electronic music
Musique concrète
Music, concrete
Funding for the preservation of this program made possible through a grant by Save America’s Treasures, a program of the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.
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Berkeley (Calif.) (was recorded at)
Berkeley (Calif.) (was broadcast at)
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Amirkhanian, Charles