KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ A Visit with François Dufrêne, 1972

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François Dufrêne has been touted by Bob Cobbing, Henri Chopin, and Bernard Heidsieck as the world’s greatest performer of sound poetry. In this program, Charles Amirkhanian traveled to Paris, probably in 1972, to meet with the French sound poet and record him performing a selection of his works. The program begins with two pieces, “Tombeau de Pierre Larousse” and “Recitativo all'italiana,” both recorded at unfortunately very low levels. The later work which features a funny melange of Italian words presented in a rather bombastic fashion, and from a distinctly foreigner's point of view, was once performed by Dufrêne before a spellbound crowd in a public square in Italy. After the two poems the program continues with an excerpt of a conversation, mostly between Amirkhanian and the art critic and interpreter, Michel Giraud, discussing the history of sound poetry in Europe. Throughout the interview, the irrepressible Dufrêne can be heard offering impromptu performances and just generally clowning around, much to the amusement of all involved.
Sound poetry
Musical Selections
Tombeau de Pierre Larousse (ca. 1958) (5:25) / François Dufrêne -- Recitativo all'italiana (ca. 1970) (6:06) / François Dufrêne
François Dufrêne, voice
Sound poetry
Performance poetry
Avant-garde (Art)
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