KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Three Early Poems by Toby Lurie

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| 1970-02-20 | created
Toby Lurie performs three poems, recorded at the KPFA studios on Feb. 20, 1970. Representing some of his earliest works, these poems reflect Lurie’s interest in rhythmic patterns and cadences, and a desire to get inside, or under the skin, of certain words and phrases. The first poem, that begins with the line “I saw a beautiful child today,” suggest the wonder and love Lurie felt for his wife, while the second poem seems to refer to that period in the poet’s life where he turned his back on various attempts at business and found new, creative freedom as a poet. The third poem, “Wake Up America” is a classic Lurie work in which individual words are explored in a sonorous manner that pays tribute to Lurie’s life-long interest in music. Lurie is well known for his conversation and performance poetry, as well as his forays into sound poetry, however these early works laid the foundation for his rhythmic approach to poetry and also serve as a testament to his exuberant embracement of life.
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Musical Selections
“I saw a beautiful child today...” (0:58) -- “I’m cutting out...” (1:21) -- Wake Up America (2:05)
Sound poetry
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