KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Peter Yates interviewed by Charles Shere

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43 min
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| 1964-12-07 | created
In an interview recorded on Dec. 7, 1964, Peter Yates, a self described “professional amateur”, talks about the artistic implications of New Music. The conversation begins with an exploration of the connections between New Music and Zen Buddhism. According to Yates, the appreciation of new and electronic music is best accomplished by freeing one’s self of preconceptions and by surrendering one’s self to the act of listening. As further evidence of a shifting paradigm in the world of art, Yates points to the increasing popularity of happenings and other forms of interactive art. Also discussed is John Cage’s piece “4’33””, and other attempts to challenge the established aesthetics of the day. The interview ends with a discussion on how best to employ the new aesthetics without defiling one’s self or completely alienating the audience. The audio quality, especially at the very beginning of the interview, is less than ideal, but any minor inconvenience is quickly outweighed by the fascinating content of the discussion between Yates and KPFA’s Charles Shere.
New music
Interactive Art
Zen Buddhism
New music
Electronic music
Interactive art
Silence in music
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Berkeley (Calif.) (was broadcast at)
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