New Music America: A Concert in Honor of Percy Grainger's 100th Birthday

Analog Audio

Event Type
Program Series
New Music America
Program Length
66 min
| broadcast
| 1982-07-08 | created
As part of the 1982 New Music America Festival , a recording of a concert held in honor of pioneering composer, Percy Grainger’s 100th birthday. Born in Australia and trained in Europe, Grainger moved to the United States in 1914 where he became well known for his performances on the piano. Always an innovator Grainger began to experiment with avant-garde music, and with physicist Burnett Cross, he invented the Free Music Machine, a early precursor to the electronic synthesizer. This recording begins with an introductory talk by Charles Amirkhanian about the life and work of Percy Grainger after which we hear a recital of many of his works for piano, performed by Dennis Russell Davies, Yvar Mikhashoff, and Neely Bruce.
20th century classical
Folk music
Musical Selections
Walking Tune (1900-05) -- Molly on the Shore (1907) -- [unidentified piano piece] -- [unidentified string piece] -- Shepherd's Hey (1908–13) -- [unidentified piano piece] -- [unidentified piano piece or pieces] -- [unidentified piano piece] -- [short unidentified piano piece] -- [unidentified piano piece] -- [unidentified violin and piano piece] -- [unidentified piano piece]
Dennis Russell Davies, piano
Yvar Mikhashoff, piano
Neely Bruce, piano
20th century classical
Piano music
Violin and piano music
Folk music -- England