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Interview and Music
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Speaking of Music
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101 min
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1985-08-12 | broadcast
| 1984-02-02 | created
Recorded on February 2, 1984 as part of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Speaking of Music series Charles Amirkhanian interviews composer Conlon Nancarrow before a live audience. After playing a short documentary on the life and work of Conlon Nancarrow, Charles Amirkhanian talks with the composer about his music. Conlon Nancarrow has been recognized as one of the most fascinating 20th century composers in the world. An expatriate American who lived in Mexico City, Nancarrow composed almost exclusively for the player piano. His incredibly complex scores are not playable by human hands, but through his laborious hand-punched piano rolls, the music is dazzling in its speed and complexity. In this program Nancarrow discussed the oppressive political atmosphere that led him to leave the United States, the reasons he took up his unique composing style, and the lengthy process of producing a composition. (from KPFA Folio)
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Study No. 42 (7:31) -- Study No. 36 (4:00) -- Study No. 10 (3:06) -- Study No. 40B (4:30)
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San Francisco (Calif.) (was recorded at)
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Amirkhanian, Charles
Nancarrow, Conlon, 1912-1997