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Interview and Music
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Speaking of Music
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1986-06-12 | broadcast
| 1986-01-23 | created
Charles Amirkhanian interviews the great jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett, before a live audience on January 23, 1986, as part of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Speaking of Music series. Keith Jarrett had recently suffered from a self-described “breakdown” and was reevaluating many things in his life in May of 1985 when he began making a series of overdubbed improvised music pieces which were especially satisfying to him, as they are for most everybody else who hears them. (These recordings were eventually released on the album “Spirits”, from ECM.) In this program he plays a number of selections from those tapes as well as snippets of his more classical compositions. Jarrett also fields questions from the large audience at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco, the topics of which range from the philosophical to the practical aspects of his art. He is very open and candid in his answers, and outspoken in his ideas about music and life. (from KPFA Folio)
Musical Selections
[unidentified work for flute, percussion, etc.] (4:53) -- [unidentified work for flute and piano] (1:32) -- [unidentified work for percussion and flute, probably a version of “Spirits 18”] (6:03) -- [unidentified work for flute, possibly a version of “Spirits 22”] (3:05) -- [unidentified work for flute, percussion, and chanting] (8:38) -- [excerpt of unidentified work for piano, saxophone (?), and flute]
Keith Jarrett, flute, piano, percussion, etc.
Instrumental ensembles
Flute and piano music
Flute and percussion music
Flute music
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