KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ World Ear Project: Mornings on a Farm and in a City, Aug. 1970

Analog Audio

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Other Finds
Program Series
World Ear Project
Program Length
54 mins
| broadcast
| 1970-08-09 | created
A couple of ambient field recordings made by Charles Amirkhanian in August of 1970. First is a recording made in the early morning of Aug. 9, 1970 at a farm on Bowen Island, British Columbia. Although the levels are rather low the distinctive sound of a cock crowing can be repeatedly heard as can the sounds of chickens and perhaps rabbits being fed. This is followed by a recording made in Seattle WA, on Aug. 12, 1970, of traffic noise, some seagulls, distant foghorns and low flying airplanes. The recording finishes with the sounds of distorted breathing, humming and laughter, as traffic can be heard in the distance.
Field recordings
Musical Selections
[rooster crowing and morning feeding, Bowen Island, British Columbia, Aug. 9, 1970, 5:37 am - 6:03 am] (26:04) / Charles Amirkhanian -- [traffic, bird, foghorn, and airplane sounds, Seattle, WA, Aug. 12, 1970, 8:30 AM - 8:49 AM] (19:54) / Charles Amirkhanian -- [humming and laughing with traffic in the background] (6:39)
Ambient sounds
Field recordings
Animal sounds
Farm sounds
Related places
Bowen Island (British Columbia, Canada) (was recorded at)
Seattle (Wash.) (was recorded at)
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Amirkhanian, Charles