KPFA handbill for Retrospective on Dane Rudhyar, March 1972

KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Pluto: The Seed-man at the End of the Cycle

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Lectures and Panel Discussions
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35 mins
1972-03-28 | broadcast
| 402 | created
Dane Rudhyar, well known in New Music circles as a modern composer of often brief, and sometimes dissonant, works for piano, was also a philosopher and author of many books on Astrology. Less deterministic than traditional Astrology, Rudhyar’s system was more a blending of Jungian philosophy with elements of Astrology, Theosophy, and New Age thinking. He saw the late 20th century as a time of great transition, an ending of one cycle and the germination of another, a change that found its representative counterpart in the Zodiac with the discovery of Pluto, and the start of the Aquarian Age. Although born in France in 1895, he lived in Northern California for much of his life, and found a new audience for his books and ideas with the hippies of the late 1960s and early 70s. In 1969 he founded the International Committee for a Humanistic Astrology to continue his investigation into planetary consciousness and New Age philosophy. In this program, the last of three in a series produced by the Committee, Rudhyar’s astrological theories about social change and the spiritual life are explored by a group of young devotees.
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[a reading from the book “Directives For New Life”] / Dane Rudhyar -- [a reading from a pamphlet based on a speech entitled “The Seed”] / Dane Rudhyar
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