KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ New Music America: 1981: Concert 2, (June 8, 1981), 2 of 6

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Program Series
New Music America
Program Length
120 min
2 of 6
1981-06-08 | broadcast
| 1981-06-08 | created
A recording of a live broadcast made by KPFA and broadcast over the NPR satellite of the second concert of the 1981 New Music America Festival. This concert features New Music performed by the Arch Ensemble of Berkeley, California’s well-known contemporary music group directed by Robert Hughes. The program includes works by Charles Amirkhanian, Robert Erickson, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, and Mel Graves. Also included are four one minute movies, produced by Ralph Records, directed by Graeme Whifler, with soundtracks by the avant-garde rock group, The Residents. Also heard during the intermission is a tribute to Robert Erickson, including a brief interview with the composer and a discussion with three of his former students. This concert, which was held at the Japan Center Theater in San Francisco on June 8, 1981, concludes with a composition by Julius Eastman for 10 celli.

In this second part, we hear "Egusquiza to Falsetto", a theater piece collaboration by Charles Amirkhanian and Margaret Fisher.
Music Theater
New music
Musical Selections
Egusquiza to Falsetto, for chamber ensemble and tape [theater piece collaboration with choreographer/dancer Margaret Fisher] (1979) (13:56) / Charles Amirkhanian
The Arch Ensemble for Experimental Music
Robert Hughes, conductor
Patrice Hambelton, flute piccolo
Robin May, oboe, English horn
William Wohlmacher, clarinets
John Phillips, clarinet
Greg Barber, bassoons
Julie Feves, bassoon
Eric Achen, French horn
David Burkhart, trumpet
Don Benham, trombones
Norman Peck, percussion
Ward Spangler, percussion
Rae Imamura, percussion, celesta
Dan Smiley, violin
Betsy London, viola
Ami Radunskaya, cello
Mel Graves, bass
Patrick McCarthy, bass
Beverly Bellows, harp
New music
Mixed media (Music)
Electronics with instrumental ensemble
Sound poetry
Text-sound compositions