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A program featuring a composition by Josef Matthias Hauer and a selection of minstrel songs by Stephen Collins Foster and others. While minstrel shows have rightfully come to be regarded with suspicion because of their promotion of racial stereotypes, their obvious co-opting of African American traditions for the entertainment of white audiences, and the enrichment of white composers and performers, the fact is they were very popular in the latter half of the 19th century and remain historically and musically relevant even today. One doesn’t have to support segregation or racism in order to enjoy these standards from the days of traveling medicine shows, as long as one is mindful of the shame of slavery and honors the resilient spirit of those so inflicted, and recognize how they used music as a salve for their souls.
20th century classical
Folk music
Musical Selections
Der Menschen Weg Op. 67 [text by Friedrich Hölderlin] / Josef Matthias Hauer -- Village Festival / Stephen C. Foster -- Old Folk Quadrilles / Stephen C. Foster -- Stop Dat Knocking (1847) / A.F. Winnemore -- Way Down In My Heart I've Got a Feeling for You (1904) -- Somebody's Grandpa / C. F. Wood -- [unidentified piece] -- History of the World [a.k.a. Creation Song, or Hear the Banjo Ring] / [Traditional] -- Nelly Bly (1850) / Stephen C. Foster -- Angel Gabriel (1875) / James E. Stewart & Frank Dumont
20th century classical
Folk music
Cantatas, Secular
Flute with sting orchestra music
Minstrel music
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