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1992-08-12 | broadcast
| 1992-08-12 | created
John Cage's obituary on KFPA Radio by Charles Amirkhanian, August 12, 1992. The sudden death of John Cage as he approached his 80th birthday came as a shock to many. The day the message came to KPFA from Laura Kuhn, Cage's assistant, the KPFA News Department held time for this report that was completed by Amirkhanian minutes before it aired. Later the circumstances were explained by Ms. Kuhn who had left the composer's apartment in NYC and reminded Mr. Cage that he needed to complete his list of works for a publication deadline. Cage expressed his displeasure at the thought of having to do this. When Ms. Kuhn returned she found the composer had suffered a major stroke. She summoned an ambulance to take him to the nearest hospital. Returning to Cage's apartment, she went to his work table and, to her astonishment, found that Cage had completed the list.
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