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Interview and Music
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Ode To Gravity
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88 min
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1976-08-25 | broadcast
| 1976-08-25 | created
In what was to be his last Ode To Gravity program before taking a one year sabbatical starting in September of 1976, host Charles Amirkhanian plays atmospheric world music by Stephan Micus, interviews composer William Bolcom, and takes some fare-thee-well calls from KPFA listeners. The program begins with a lengthy cut from Stephan Micus’ album “Archaic Concerts” in which the talented musician plays an assortment of instruments from around the world. This is followed by an interview with composer William Bolcom in which he describes his evolution from an academic. serial composer to one more interested in more popular forms of music be it traditional classical, ragtime, or songs from the early 1900s. the last third of the program is devoted to listeners phone calls as they wish Charles good luck and a speedy return, during which Amirkhanian plays a selection of Mexican folk music.
World music
Folk music
Musical Selections
Danza de la Malincha [excerpt] -- Concert For Angklung, Acoustic Guitar, Rabab And Zither (ca. 1976) (17:45) / Stephan Micus -- [unidentified orchestral work, excerpt] / William Bolcom
Stephan Micus, guitar, rabab, zither, angklung (Concert)
World music
Folk music
Quartets (Guitar, rabab, zither, angklung)
Orchestral music
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