Amy X Neuburg, half length portrait on stage, performing during the 9th Other Minds Festival, San Francisco CA (2003)

Other Minds Festivals ➔ Other Minds Festival: OM 9, Concert 2: 02 “Six Little Stains” by Amy X. Neuburg

Digital Audio

Event Type
Other Minds
Program Series
Other Minds Festival
Program Length
40 min
| broadcast
| 2003-03-06 | created
These songs constitute a sampling of the solo repertoire I've been developing over the past two years. They were created as individual works, not as a "cycle," which means you're allowed to clap after each one.

Much of my music is loop-based; single vocal lines are "overdubbed" to build up a chorus of harmonies. In performance I use twelve touch-sensitive drum pads, both to bang out rhythmic accompaniment and to send instructions to my equipment, to start and stop recording a loop, for instance, or to control my digital mixer. The foot pedals can function similarly or can change instrument setups between songs or sections.

I'm often asked about my composition process and to what extent the technology dictates the music. I always keep in mind the capabilities of my instruments while composing, but before even entering the studio I'll usually formulate an entire song in my head: lyrics, melody, accompanying vocal or instrumental texture, and the function of each drum pad and pedal. I may then spend hours, days or weeks creating samples, programming synth sounds, programming each pad in one or more drum ‘kits,’ and choreographing the performance actions. While I'm fascinated by the ever-growing possibilities of music technology and am not indifferent to its coolness factor, my attraction lies primarily in its expressive potential; ‘Here is what I'd like to say’ is more important than ‘Look what my gadgets can do.’ In keeping with this more intimate approach, it is important that on stage I “perform” the technology and let the audience see the process, rather than rely on prerecorded sequences. —Amy X Neuburg
Electro-Acoustic / Electronic
Musical Selections
Every Little Stain (2002) -- Stone (2002) -- My God (2002) -- The Tattoo Song (2002) -- Finally Black (2002) -- Residue (2002)
Songs with electronics
Electronic music
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Other Minds Festival 9
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San Francisco (Calif.) (was recorded at)
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Other Minds Festival
Neuburg, Amy X, 1962-