Other Minds Festivals ➔ Other Minds Festival: OM 9, Concert 3: 01 “Café Desire” by Daniel Lentz

Digital Audio

Event Type
Other Minds
Program Series
Other Minds Festival
Program Length
55 min
| broadcast
| 2003-03-07 | created
“Café Desire” is a theatrical expression of the union of love, music and beauty. It received its world premiere in November of 2002 in Tempe, Arizona with the Phoenix Bach Choir. “Café Desire” is scored for mixed "cafe" choir (also playing wine glasses), "maitre'd" (conductor), solo lounge piano and bar with six patrons (percussionists playing wine glasses with mallets), strolling violin, one male and one female "karaoke" singer, accompanied by two MIDI Keyboards and a "virtual" (or "actual") orchestra. Each of the singers/glass players have two wine glasses at their disposal. The entire array of glasses covers a four-octave range. The stage is divided into three sections: piano bar, cafe and karaoke club. Stage right is the piano bar, containing a grand piano and a bar seating six patrons/percussionists who play the wine glasses with small mallets. Center stage is the cafe, containing six cafe tables each seating four singers who each play two wine glasses. Stage left is the karaoke club featuring two solo singers (one male soprano and one female baritone), two MIDI keyboardists, and the virtual orchestra (including bagpipe, harmonica, conch shell, and other instruments). Initially, the lyrics for the two solo voices are drawn from typical and popular songs favored by karaoke bars and singers. As the piece progresses, the lyrics gradually transform into excerpts from the real love letters and correspondence of famous and not-so-famous lovers throughout the ages. —Daniel Lentz
New music
Musical Selections
Café Desire (2002) (54:21) / Daniel Lentz
Linda Childs, vocals
Britt Quentin, vocals
Bradford Ellis, keyboards
Sarah Cahill: piano
James Sitterly, violin
Heather Vorweck, percussion
Terri Schmit, percussion
Susan Griffin, percussion
Cliff Reilly, percussion
Phoenix Bach Choir
Other Minds Ensemble
Jeffery Kennedy, conductor
Electronic music
Songs (High voice) with instrumental ensemble
Songs (Low voice) with instrumental ensemble
Choruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with instrumental ensemble