Other Minds Special Programs ➔ New Music Seance: 2007: Concert No. 1, Nature Vivante, 18 of 21

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Other Minds
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New Music Seance
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74 min
18 of 21
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| 2007-02-24 | created
Summoning the specters of musical forbears, and channeling the spirits of their successors, the 2007 New Music Seance Concerts featured five hours of hypnotic solo piano music performed by Sarah Cahill, or on the eerily disembodied Yamaha Disklavier, with additional spirit raising interludes by the Kate Stenberg and Eva-Maria Zimmerman violin-piano duo. The concerts were held in the intimate, candle lit setting of the historic Arts & Crafts styled Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco. The first concert entitled “Nature Vivante”, includes the title piece by Wladimir Vogel, and works by Dane Rudhyar, Phil Collins, Alan Hovhaness, Josef Hauer, George Antheil, Dan Becker, Peter Garland, Hans Otte, as well as the world premiere of "Rippling the Lamp", a stunning piece for violin and tape by Charles Amirkhanian.
New music
Mechanical music
Musical Selections
Don’t Make Me Go Back to LA (2003) (6:51) / Dan Becker [World premiere]
21st century classical
Mechanical musical instrument music
Player piano music
Piano music
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