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1987-05-14 | broadcast
| 1987-05-14 | created
From the Mills College Concert Hall in Oakland California, hosts Charles Amirkhanian and Russ Jennings present a special live broadcast of a tribute to Lou Harrison on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The evening began with a gala dinner in honor of the pioneering American composer, during which Jennings and Amirkhanian manage to corral many of the illustrious guests for brief interviews, including Joseph Franklin the founder of the Relâche Ensemble and director of the 1987 New Music America Festival; Loren Rush, composer and cofounder of the Good Sound Foundation which was in charge of making the somewhat acoustically challenged Mills Auditorium sound like a first class concert hall; Eva Soltes, choreographer and dancer who was scheduled to perform later that evening; and other luminaries of the New Music scene in San Francisco and the United States. The latter part of the recording is devoted to the concert itself, which featured the world premieres of Harrison’s “Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan,” and “Ariadne,” a dance with flute and percussion, choreographed and performed by Eva Soltes. Also heard is Harrison’s “Varied Trio,” a revised version of a Quintet he had just recently composed. Performing during this concert is a veritable who’s who of San Francisco Bay Area musician that specialize in contemporary and avant-garde classical music. During the intermission Amirkhanian manages to talk to the birthday boy himself, who with his typical good nature, describes his recent compositions as well as providing a few choice opinions about the increased militarism and environmental degradation that threatens current civilization.
20th century classical
New music
Musical Selections
Varied Trio, for violin, piano, and percussion (1986-87) (18:28) / Lou Harrison
David Colvig, flute (Ariadne)
William Winant, percussion (Ariadne ; Trio)
Eva Soltes, dancer (Ariadne)
David Abel, violin (Trio)
Julie Steinberg, piano (Trio)
William Winant, percussion (Trio)
20th century classical
New music
Trios (Piano, percussion, violin)
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