Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Morning Concert: The Music of Julia Wolfe and Ivan Wyschnegradsky (Feb. 28, 1992)

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Event Type
Interview and Music
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Morning Concert
Program Length
93 min
1992-02-28 | broadcast
| 1992-02-28 | created
Recorded on February 28, 1992, Charles Amirkhanian interviews composer Julia Wolfe, and plays a selection of her works. Wolfe discuses the origins of several of the rather unusual titles for her compositions. We then hear “The Vermeer Room” which is scored for 16 instruments, as well as her string quartet “Four Marys.” This later work, we learn, was inspired by a Scottish folk tune yet fails to quote any of the original work or even reference Scottish folk music. The second half of the program is then dedicated to the works of Ivan Wyschnegradsky, who is best known for his microtonal works and his invention of the quarter-tone piano. We hear 12 of his preludes for two quarter-tone pianos as well as an excerpt of an early microtonal string quartet.
New music
Microtonal music
Musical Selections
The Vermeer Room, for 16 instruments [excerpt, talked over] (1989) (11:31) / Julia Wolfe -- Four Marys, for string quartet (1991) (11:20) / Julia Wolfe -- Préludes Dans Tous les Tons De L'échelle Chromatique Diatonisée à 13 Sons, Op. 22, Nos. 1 -12, for two pianos in quarter-tones (1934, rev. 1960) (28:16) / Ivan Wyschnegradsky -- String Quartet No. 1, Op. 13 [excerpt] (1923–1924) (7:49) / Ivan Wyschnegradsky
Cassatt String Quartet (Four)
Henriette Puig-Roget, piano (Préludes)
Kazuoki Fujii, piano (Préludes)
Arditti Quartet: (String)
Irvine Arditti, violin (String)
David Alberman, violin (String)
Levine Andrade, viola (String)
Rohan de Saram, cello (String)
New music
20th century classical
Instrumental ensembles
Chamber music
String quartets
Microtonal music
Piano music (Pianos (2))