KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Ode To Gravity: Amirkhanian Concert at 1750 Arch Street

Analog Audio

Event Type
Spoken Word
Program Series
Ode To Gravity
Program Length
82 min
| broadcast
| 1973-08-08 | created
Beginning in 1972, KPFA Radio broadcast weekly on Friday nights over high quality phone lines from a lovely home in North Berkeley owned by baritone singer Thomas Buckner. The address and name of the concert hall and record company was 1750 Arch Street, and many brilliant composers and performers made this 49-seat hall the place to be in Northern California to hear classical music of all periods, but with an emphasis on the contemporary. This evening-length broadcast featured sound poetry and text-sound compositions by composers Charles Amirkhanian, Tony Gnazzo, and Jim Rosenberg.
Sound poetry
Musical Selections
Radii (1970-72) / Charles Amirkhanian -- Each'LL / Charles Amirkhanian -- Sound Nutrition / Charles Amirkhanian -- Seatbelt Seatbelt / Charles Amirkhanian -- Pure and Applied Mathematics / Jim Rosenberg -- Pax Numminen Pox / Charles Amirkhanian -- Making Opera / Charles Amirkhanian -- Office Hours by Appointment / Anthony Gnazzo -- Heavy Aspirations (1973) / Charles Amirkhanian
Sound poetry
Text-sound compositions