Other Minds Festival 14

Event, EV.OMF.2009.03.05-03.07

The 14th Other Minds Festival (OM 14) was held at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, in Kanbar Hall from March 5th through the 7th, 2009. The featured composers and performers included Michael Harrison, Dobromiła Jaskot, Ben Johnston, Catherine Lamb, Chico Mello, John Schneider, Linda Catlin Smith, Bent Sørensen, Chinary Ung, with Del Sol String Quartet, Amsterdam Cello Octet, and Trio con Brio Copenhagen.
Other Minds Festivals Del Sol String Quartet (has as performing group)
Trio con Brio Copenhagen (has as performing group)
Amsterdam Cello Octet (has as performing group)
Conjunto Ibérico (has as performing group)
Djerassi Resident Artists Program (has as presenter)
Other Minds (Organization) (has as presenter)
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (has as presenter)
Sørensen, Bent, 1958- (has as composer)
Ung, Chinary, 1942- (has as composer)
Johnston, Ben (has as composer)
Jaskot, Dobramiła, 1981- (has as composer)
Mello, Chico (has as performing composer)
Smith, Linda Catlin, 1957- (has as composer)
Lamb, Catherine, 1982- (has as composer)
Schneider, John (has as performing composer)
Harrison, Michael (has as performing composer)
Putowski, Robert (has as performer)
Milhailescu, Rares (has as performer)
Aristizabal, Oihana (has as performer)
Bijker, Sanne (has as performer)
Bleumer, Claire (has as performer)
Hulst, Wijnand (has as performer)
Stepanova, Lucie (has as performer)
Trajko, Artur (has as performer)
Boe, Carl (has as performer)
Costerisan, Trey (has as performer)
Miller, Noah (Singer) (has as performer)
Anderle, Jeff (has as performer)
Russell, Jonathan, 1979- (has as performer)
Abondolo, Gianna (has as performer)
Kirkpatrick, Erika Duke (has as performer)
Moore, Thalia (has as performer)
Wahrhaftig, Peter (has as performer)
Worn, Richard (has as performer)
Sacks, Richard (has as performer)
Ung, Susan (has as performer)
Hong, Soo-Jin (has as performer)
Hong, Soo-Kyung (has as performer)
Elvekjaer Jens (has as performer)
Stenberg, Kate (Violinist) (has as performer)
Shinozaki, Rick (has as performer)
Lee, Charlton (has as performer)
Addario-Berry, Hannah (has as performer)
Zimmermann, Eva-Maria (Pianist) (has as performer)
Berkolds, Paul (has as performer)
Amirkhanian, Charles (has as artistic director)
Shumaker, Robert (has as recording engineer)
Doff, Jonathan (has as videographer)
Matheus, Silvia (has as videographer)
Sheets, Clyde (has as lighting designer)
Fago, John (has as photographer) Jewish Community Center of San Francisco