• John Cage, facing forward and laughing, Telluride, 1989 (cropped image)
  • Portrait of composers sitting outside, working on their manifesto, Telluride, CO, 1990 (cropped image)
  • Conlon Nancarrow’s musical score and piano roll punching machine, Mexico City, (1977)
  • Members of the KPFA Music Department staff, May 1983
  • Solarized portrait of Philip Levine, by Charles Amirkhanian
  • Featured composers and organizers of OM 3, standing and seated, facing forward, Woodside, 1996 (cropped image)
  • A young George Antheil at the piano, accompanied by Olga Rudge on violin (undated)
  • Oakland Symphony Youth Chamber Orchestra playing around the Bay Area
  • Meredith Monk facing forward, head and shoulders portrait, playing the piano, 1993 (cropped image)

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