KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ World Ear Project: Recorder and Birdsongs

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World Ear Project
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30 mins
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This appears to be a case where either one program was recorded over another or on a different side or track of the same tape. The first half of the program is taken from a KPFA Open Hour broadcast of on March 17, 1970 and feature selections from a 1965 LP entitled “Chicago Blues: The Early 1950's.”The second half features another example of ambient field recordings presented on KPFA’s groundbreaking program series “The World Ear Project,” in which listeners around the globe were encouraged to send interesting recordings to the station, made in a variety of unique and unusual environments. In this undated recording we hear an unidentified person playing the recorder as birds sing in the background. This program was apparently recorded somewhere in suburban San Jose California probably in the early 1970s.
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Muskadine Blues [excerpt] (1:00) / Little -- Dim Lights (2:40) / J. B. Hutto -- Things Are So Slow (3:02) / J. B. Hutto -- Five Long Years (2:37) / Eddie Boyd -- Rollin & Tumblin Pt. II [excerpt] (2:20) / Baby Face Leroy -- [recorder music and birdsongs, San Jose CA] (14:00)
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