Charles Amirkhanian Collection ➔ Composer-to-Composer Festival: Day 1 Discussions, Morton Subotnick and Tania León (August 15, 1989), 3 of 4

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Event Type
Lectures and Panel Discussions
C Amirkhanian
Program Series
Composer-to-Composer Festival
Program Length
122 min
3 of 4
| broadcast
| 1989-08-15 | created
A recording of the third composer presentation at 2:00pm with Morton Subotnick and Tania Léon on August 15, 1989 in Telluride, Colorado during the 1989 Composer to Composer Festival.

Charles Amirkhanian begins by asking the composers if they’d like half of their fees paid now, to a unanimous yes. He then invites Morton Subotnick to the stage to start his session.

Subotnick begins by talking about his fascination with “mechanical approaches to music” in both the process of composing and in performance. He then plays a very short excerpt from his work “Touch” and goes on to explain the process of making the work in 1969 when he was in New York.

He moves on to talk about the technological advantages of working in the modern time (1989) and how it has allowed him to create an effective system for live performances of his electroacoustic works.

After some Q&A the composers take a short water break before Tania León begins her presentation.

León starts off by talking about her music career and her arrival in the United States from Cuba. She then discusses her compositional process and the influence dance has played on her music. She then plays an excerpt from her work for piano and percussion, “A La Par”, followed by a vocal piece, “De-Orishas” commissioned by the Western Wind Vocal Ensemble. The next example León plays is from “Kabiosile”, which. means a salute to the forces of energy. It was commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra. She concludes with giving a brief timeline of her family’s origins and answers several questions from the other composers.

The recordings ends in the middle of conversation but continues on the next part.
Electro-Acoustic / Electronic
Musical Selections
A Desert Flowers [excerpt] (1989) (11:50) / Morton Subotnick -- A La Par [2nd and 3rd movements] (1986) (6:10) -- De-Orishas [2nd and 3rd movements] (1985) (7:00) -- Kabiosile (6:02) / Tania León
Stephen “Lucky” Mosko, conductor (Desert Flowers)
Western Wind Vocal Ensemble (De-Orishas)
Ursula Oppens, piano (Kabiosile)
Dennis Russell Davies, conductor (Kabiosile)
Electronic music
Computer music
Chamber orchestra music
Piano with percussion ensemble
Vocal music--20th century
Digitized with support from the National Recording Preservation Foundation, The Copland Fund, and the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.