Composer-to-Composer Festival, 1989

Event, EV.CTC.1989.08.15-20

The 1989 Composer-to-Composer Festival included four days of private, creative discussions between guest artists and two days of concerts. The event brought together a diverse palette of composers from the U.S and abroad, representing important trends in new music of the time and earlier when we consider the contributions of the two "elder statesmen" in the group, John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow.  The other participating composers who also left their own mark in modern music include Joan La Barbara, Anthony Davis, Julio Estrada, Ricardo Dal Farra, Tom Johnson, Jin Hi Kim, Tania Leon, Annea Lockwood, Morton Subotnick, Trimpin, and Walter Zimmermann. The festival was co-founded and co-directed by Charles Amirkhanian and John Lifton.


Charles Amirkhanian Collection Amirkhanian, Charles (has as director)
Lifton, John (has as director)
La Barbara, Joan, 1947- (has as performing composer)
Telluride Institute (has as presenter)
Cage, John (has as composer)
Nancarrow, Conlon, 1912-1997 (has as composer)
Davis, Anthony, 1951- (has as performing composer)
Estrada, Julio (has as performing composer)
Dal Farra, Ricardo, 1957- (has as performing composer)
Johnson, Tom, 1939- (has as performing composer)
Kim, Jin Hi (has as performing composer)
León, Tania (has as performing composer)
Lockwood, Annea, 1939- (has as performing composer)
Subotnick, Morton (has as performing composer)
Trimpin, 1951- (has as performing composer)
Zimmermann, Walter (has as performing composer)
Fago, John (has as photographer) Telluride (Colo.)