KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Ode To Gravity: An Evening of Jazz and Poetry

Analog Audio

Event Type
Interview and Music
Program Series
Ode To Gravity
Program Length
49 min
1970-12-02 | broadcast
| 1970-12-02 | created
A program of poetry, jazz, and text-sound composition, featuring works by the Bobby Scott Trio, Charles Amirkhanian, Miles Davis, and Chris Hottel. The program begins with an early version of one of Charles Amirkhanian’s popular works of sound poetry, “Radii,” which takes as its text every word in the dictionary that begins with “r-a-d-i”. This is followed by four pieces by the Bobby Scott Trio taken from an old 1953 Savoy recording (MG 15055). Next up is Chris Hottel reading a selection of poetry from his 1970 book “The Knives of Dawn” (Oyez Press). The program concludes with another text-sound composition by Amirkhanian and then the jazz piece “Easy Livin’” from an early Miles Davis LP entitled “Blue Moods.”
Musical Selections
Radii (1970) / Charles Amirkhanian -- Just One Of Those Things / Bobby Scott Trio -- But Beautiful / Bobby Scott Trio -- I Married An Angel / Bobby Scott Trio -- Once In A While / Bobby Scott Trio -- Dawn [a poem] / Christopher Hottel -- Elegy for a Deep Sea Diver Drowned in the Gulf of Mexico [a poem] / Christopher Hottel -- A Pilgrimage With Flowers [a poem] / Christopher Hottel -- A Demonstration of Dancing [a poem] / Christopher Hottel -- A Premonition for Christmas / Christopher Hottel -- The Unicorn [a poem] / Christopher Hottel -- The Storm [a poem] / Christopher Hottel -- Evening Poem [a poem] / [a poem] Christopher Hottel -- The Young Man’s Dream / Christopher Hottel -- Song / Christopher Hottel -- Untitled Song / Christopher Hottel -- Words [excerpt] (1969) / Charles Amirkhanian -- Easy Livin’ / Miles Davis
Bobby Scott Trio:
Bobby Scott, piano
Jim Corbette, bass
Alan Levitt, drums
Britt Woodman, trombone (Easy Livin’)
Miles Davis, trumpet (Easy Livin’)
Teddy Charles, vibraphone (Easy Livin’)
Charles Mingus, bass (Easy Livin’)
Elvin Jones, drums (Easy Livin’)
Sound poetry
Text-sound compositions
Trumpet music (Jazz)