KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Rex Radio: Music by Bay Area Jazz Composers Orchestra

Analog Audio

Event Type
Interview and Music
Program Series
Rex Radio
Program Length
61 min
1989-12-11 | broadcast
| 1989-06-12 | created
Phil Lesh and Gary Lambert invite Clark Suprynowicz, Co-founder and Director of the Bay Area Jazz Composers Orchestra, into the studio to present a selection of music recorded during a rehearsal by the jazz ensemble. This program features a variety of works by the members of the 17 piece ensemble, which is dedicated to promoting new jazz composers. Pieces heard include Suprynowicz’s own “Feather River Suite” for solo violin and jazz ensemble; “Big Jim,” a composition titled after a type of orange, by Chuck Clark; and “Road M” by Jim Norton, which includes a piano prepared with a cheerleader’s pom-pom. Also heard is “Chorales for America” a jazz suite by the multi-talented Gina Leishman, featuring tuned Coke bottles and birdsongs in one of its four movements. The program then conclude with “Weill You Wait,” a tribute to the great Kurt Weill, composed by saxophonist Tim Price. The recording quality is superb, and the compositions are both elegant and engaging, and are sure to please any fan of contemporary music for jazz ensembles.
Musical Selections
Feather River Suite, for violin and jazz ensemble (ca. 1989) (7:53) / Clark Suprynowicz -- Big Jim, for jazz ensemble (12:25) / Chuck Clark -- Road M, for jazz ensemble (5:07) / Jim Norton -- Chorales for America: Canon ; Subterranean ; Birds & Bottles ; Walkabout, for jazz ensemble (1988) (15:14) / Gina Leishman -- Weill You Wait, for jazz ensemble (5:46) / Tim Price
Bay Area Jazz Composers Orchestra (all)
Rachel Durling, violin soloist (Feather)
Tim Price, saxophone soloist (Big)
Clark Suprynowicz, bass soloist (Big)
Peck Allmond, trumpet soloist (Bog)
Funding for the preservation of this program made possible through a grant by the National Endowment for the Arts.